The Sunbeam Children’s Foundation provides shelter, education, healthcare, social support and career guidance to orphans and disadvantaged children, from young infants to teenagers – many of whom have no family support of any kind.



To provide our children with a happy home, health care and a good education, to enable them to move on to an independent, successful and happy future life.

Since 1999, the Sunbeam Village in Baiwan, Guangdong, PRC has provided children in a remote community with safe accommodation and access to education. We have seen children under our care grow to become healthy, thriving young adults who have gained tertiary educations and entered the workforce. To date we have been home to over 200 children.

Since its inception, the Sunbeam Village has grown to include a library, an IT room, playgroups and other developmental activities, to help our children flourish into capable individuals well equipped for a brighter future.