Baiwan is one of the poorest townships in Guangdong province. The small, isolated community is home to many impoverished families, who often have four or more children. Much help is needed.

The original Board of Directors of the Sunbeam Children's Foundation traveled to Baiwan in November 1996, where they visited the ruins of a former school, that was at the time serving as a dormitory. There were no windows, no beds, and no proper kitchen. Malnourished children carried their own firewood on their backs, rain or shine, and at times on bare feet along a winding mountain path on their way to school.

Stirred by their living conditions, the Sunbeam Children’s Foundation saw the desperate need for new accommodation for the community’s children. Representatives of the local government offered a piece of land for our foundation right behind the new school, for a residential centre. Soon thereafter the building was designed by Canadian architect Mel Satok. The new building provided dormitory places for students of Nan On Primary School (formerly Kei Oi Primary School) as well as orphans and underprivileged children. Ever since, food, shelter, clothing and medical care have been provided in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Milestones & KEY Donations:

1996 Inception of Sunbeam Children’s Foundation

1997 Sunbeam Children's Village ground-breaking ceremony

1999 Opening of Sunbeam Children’s Village in May 1999

2000 First Sunbeam students go to boarding school in Qingyuan

2002 Opening of our first IT room donated by Round Table 10 and Da Vinci House, Island School, Hong Kong

2002 Dedication of Woodland’s playground, donated by Woodland’s Pre-Schools Group, Hong Kong

2005 Opening of the Sunbeam Playgroup for under-privileged children from the local community

2006 First Sunbeam students go to university

2006 Sunbeam Village renovations funded by May Poon, Round Table 10, Hong Kong, and our Gobi March volunteers. The kitchen was refurbished by The Rotary Clubs of Tsuen Wan District 3450, Kwai Chung, District 3450 and Rotary Club of Taipei, Tunhua District 3520

2008 New computers for our IT room donated by Rotary Club of Kwai Chung and Rotary Club of Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

2008 Donation of furniture for the activity room and dormitories from De Cora Ltd

2011 Installation of a new roof, donated by The Corinthian Lodge of Amoy 1806 EC, Hong Kong

2012 Opening of our Language Laboratory, donated by The Soroptimists International, Hong Kong

2013 Opening of the Lego Room, donated by French International School, Hong Kong

2013 A flood in the Sunbeam Children’s Village washed away the main gates and badly damaged our playground. The Corinthian Lodge of Amoy 1806 EC, Hong Kong, donated funding for repairs to the playground and replacement of the gates

2014 Hosted the English Summer Camp, led by Daren Durkin and supported by staff and parents from French International School, Hong Kong